Therapeutic and empowering retreats and workshops in the USA, Spain & UK. In just 6 steps learn the skills and techniques to change your mindset and create a new perspective in life. Suitable for individuals, groups, and corporate business models these programmes aim to clear, cleanse and help individuals combat blocks that have been restricting success. Programmes include past life and shamanic practice, meditation, yoga boxing, therapeutic art, energy healing, and timeline therapy. For 2022 dates and venues please contact us.

The Art Of Being

Therapeutic  & Exploratory Art Retreat that Facilitates positive learning and exploration of the self, through artistic activities that enable others to enhance the well–being, lift self-esteem, and find new direction and focus.    Not only will participants learn new holistic and artistic skills but also improve well-being

6 Step Intensive Programme & Bootcamp

Kickstart Intensive Revitalising, Relaxing Re-Vamping programme to Clear, Cleanse & Connect. An intensive retreat to turn your life around in just six days. Identify and combat the blocks that have been holding you back from living a life of success.

My Life Is My Business Corporate Programme

This programme allows the individuals to understand their fears & limitations within the workplace, gain confidence, expand options, create a better rapport with work colleagues, and set new goals.

Stay In Credit

Learn the tools to create more profit and fulfillment in your life.
Reframe your thoughts about money and create a healthier relationship with your purse strings.
Clear the debt in yourself to create a better credit rating and a more valuable life purpose.

Intuitive Mentoring Foundation Package

Intuitive mentoring package 1 2 1 or online. Fun and relaxed sessions to build confidence in those who wish to further their intuitive practice or for those with a view to making it a part-time or full-time profession. 


Discover how to introduce and apply Hooponopono in your life on a regular and daily basis. cleansing of the self, environment, and relationship with others. Learn simple techniques to create more abundance and manifest success. This simple and easy ritual blessing assists in the letting go and release of negative emotions, particularly anger and resentment.

Quantum Vision Workshop

Meditate and Explore The Future, Manifest The Dream, Craft & Create A Vision Board, Take A Quantum Leap Into A New Existence

Reiki Seichem Tera Mai

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