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🔴Will one session help my future aspirations?

🔴What happens when there is another roadblock?

✅Sara Perry’s Monthly subscription program is crafted just for that!

✅Claim reading(s) at any time you want during the month and don’t fall back!

You do not need to make a physical visit

One-on-one focus

Accessible to anyone around the world

Individual readings can be claimed anytime within the month duration. (The duration of each month begins and ends at the time of each payment.)

If readings are not used during any given month they CANNOT be rolled over to the following month.

To purchase Just click on the “Add to Cart” button, below. You will get an e-mail confirmation after your place an order within 24hrs. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your e-mail/audio reading to arrive after making an order and a little longer at busy times. For Chat/messenger options just email for appointment availability and I will get back to you.

Monthly Subscription Mini Reading


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I have become one of Sara’s yearly subscribers and I could not be happier about it given all the benefits it brings me. I know that every month, for the next twelve months, I will have a dedicated and personal conversation on a pre-arranged date with Sara. By becoming a yearly subscriber, I have also locked in the Super Saturday price for a whole year for myself. When the Super Saturday offer is finished or prices for readings go up, mine will not be affected during the duration of my subscription. Because the subscription is yearly but the payment for it is in monthly installments I know how affordable I have made this huge luxury for myself. I am so looking forward to a year of working on myself with Sara’s help! 

Emma F.