Anyone can learn Reiki.  No previous training or experience is necessary; in fact, Reiki is a great place to start if you have an interest in energy work.  My belief is that Reiki is a benefit to ANY parent, as an alternative tool to help soothe your children (and yourselves/spouse/pets) on another level. 

Tera-Mai™ Reiki Seichem

What is Tera Mai? 

Tera Mai is registered as a Healing System, which has standardized initiations. 

What is Reiki?  

The energy of pure Universal Reiki comes from the elemental healing ray of Earth.  The 4 elemental healing rays come from Source or God.  They have been used for ions by all successful healers, Shaman and saints.   Tera Mai Reiki is more appropriately described at Tera Mai Earth Healing Rays from God.

What is Seichem? 

Tera Mai Seichem initiations pass on the healing energy of all 4 elemental forces.  Tera Mai Seichem is correctly described as the Tera Mai Earth, Fire, Air and Water Healing Rays from God.

What is Tera Mai Seichem Reiki?  

The healing system, Tera™ that  incorporates Reiki, Seichem and other universal energies, was trademarked by Kathleen Milner, an American artist, author and natural healer.

In February 1991, in her first consciousness-raising experience, she met a Higher Being, whom she later learned was Buddha.  Buddha built on the ancient healing energies that Kathleen was born with by simply adding onto the original Alliance Reiki Initiations. Tera Mai Seichem initiations pass on the healing energy of all 4 elemental forces.

Tera Mai Seichem Reiki is an expansion of the Usui system and balances out the energy flow. It includes both Reiki and Seichem and is a healing system dating back to ancient Egypt (Seichem) and ancient Japan (Reiki). Seichem is more powerful than Reiki and uses the elements of Earth (Reiki), Water (Sophi-el), Fire (Sakara) and Air/spirit (Angelic light). Reiki uses only the Earth (Reiki) element. These gentle yet powerful energies can be received and learned by anyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or age (including new & unborn babies!).

UPDATE from Kathleen Milner  “The energies of Tera Mai began accelerating rapidly in the spring of 2010.  This increase in energy began when it was discovered that the Tera Mai initiations had been altered in England years ago.  As great numbers of Tera Mai initiates were cleared and re-initiated for a donation, God and His Chosen Angels used the monumental increase in healing energy in these individuals to raise the healing energy of the entire Tera Mai system.  The increase in healing energy continues to accelerate everyday.”

Benefits Of Reiki

  • increased energy
  • decreased pain and stress
  • feeling more open and loving
  • ease and joy in facing life’s challenges
  • things seem to work out better 
  • better sleep 
  • improved relationships
  • speedy recovery
  • improved emotional state 
  • clear-minded
  • inspired creativity
  • weight loss 
  • relaxed and confident for interviews and auditions 
  • grief
  • ease death and dying 
  • release addictions 
  • autoimmune disease
  • financial abundance 
  • and so much more

Tera-Mai™ Seichem Healing Sessions & Workshops

As an intuitive energy healer and teacher with more than 20 years of experience in healing transformational and psychic practice.  I am dedicated to empowering those who are keen to commence with their healing journey. 

Along my own healing journey I have worked and learned from some truly amazing spiritual healers and teachers including Kathleen Milner. I am very passionate about transforming lives and making that difference for both my clients and students.

As a spiritual guide and therapist, I aim to provide the highest quality bespoke teaching enabling students to reach their fullest potential.

Individuals can be initiated in groups or on a one-to-one basis here in Spain,

I also perform distant attunements for those who are further away. Some may question whether this is just as viable and I can confirm it is. Reiki healing transcends the time and space continuum. the same holds true for Attunements too.

I offer fun, interactive, detailed courses and workshops for both novices and trained therapists. From a broad foundation to understand energy, to training to initiate others into Reiki.

For healers & Reiki practitioners wishing to brush up on their healing skills, be re initiated or develop more intuitionally my courses provide a very solid foundation with plenty of invaluable content and practical training. If you are interested, I would be delighted to hear from you.


1 DAY and shorter workshops and sessions are available for those already initiated into either Reiki 1, 2 and 3

Reiki Tera Mai & Seichem 1

This is a two-day workshop/ programme for individuals or groups.  It can also be broken down into 4 shorter sessions.

Individuals will be attuned in to the Reiki Seichem Tera Mai 1.

Essentially Level 1 is about self-healing, it opens the recipient up to connecting to the Golden Elemental Earth healing energy and the Golden Cosmic Energy. There are similarities to the Usui Reiki Healing system, but once the student has received their first initiation they are very much more grounded and the strength of the energy is a great deal more powerful.


Introduction to Ancient Healing System of Reiki

The history of Reiki and the Tera Mai system

The basic energy system for the human body

Basic chakra balancing

Use of a pendulum in energy work

Hands-on healing for self, others, and pets and integration with other energy/bodywork methods. 

Opening of Energy centres and attunement Reiki 1 to receive and channel the Earth Element of Universal Life Force. 

Pre-requisite:  Non 


Elements of Fire, Air, and Water explained.

Further healing techniques for self and others,

Attunement of Seichem 1 and practice the techniques. 

Certification of Tera Mai Reiki Seichem One Practitioner at the end of the course. 

Pre-requisite:  Reiki 1

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Reiki Tera Mai  Seichem 2

The level 2 initiation deepens the re-awakening that is received in level 1.
Individuals will learn how to channel healing through the use of symbols.


Initiation into Reiki 2 and energy capacity is increased.

Includes giving and/sending healing energy without the use of physical contact, distance healing. 

Introduction to Symbols and practice

Further healing techniques are discussed and practiced. 

Pre-requisite:  Level I. 


Initiation to Seichem 2 and energy capacity is increased. 

Individuals are given more “symbols” to access different types of healing energy. 

Further healing techniques (psychic surgery) are discussed and practiced. 

 YOD initiation, which is designed to further open up the sixth chakra. 

Certification of Tera Mai Reiki Seichem Two Practitioner at the end of the course. 

Pre-requisites:  Reiki II and Seichem I. 

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Reiki Seichem Tera MaiTM Master

To attain a master attunement, individuals must first have been attuned into the 1st and 2nd degrees.  Or already have a master’s in another healing system, in this case, the individual would be attuned into all three levels at the same time.

Many people want to become a Reiki Master, but know they don’t have any intention of ever teaching their own classes.  Attunements only option:  You can choose to become a Tera Mai Reiki Master, and receive the master attunement and the Violet flame initiation without learning how to pass along the attunements to others. 

You would have the option of learning the attunement process at a later date and paying the difference.  Click here to Book

The 3rd level completes your initiation to the Reiki energy and provides you with the training to initiate others into Reiki. It is not the end, but the beginning.

This is the teaching level, so the apprenticeship of being an experienced Tera-Mai™ Reiki healer is essential.


Initiation into Reiki 3 and energy capacity is increased. 

Individuals are given the ability to teach and attune others in to all levels of Tera Mai Reiki. 

Violet Flame initiation, designed to further improve student’s healing abilities. 

Certification Tera Mai Reiki Master at the end of the course and ability to attune others. 

Pre-requisite:  Reiki II. 


Initiation into Seichem 3 and energy capacity is increased. 

Individuals given the ability to teach and attune others into all levels of Tera Mai Seichem. 

Order of Melchezidek initiation, designed to further improve healing abilities. 

Certification Tera Mai Reiki Master at the end of the course and ability to attune others. 

Pre-requisites:  Must be a Tera Mai Reiki Master who has taken Seichem II. 

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