Ho’oponopono is a powerful ancient  Hawaiian tradition and healing practice through forgiveness. Ho’o means ‘to make‘ and pono ‘right‘ – the double use of pono means with both yourself and others.

The ancient Hawaiian’s recognised  that holding onto negative emotions only causes pain in those who restrict forgiveness

I have been a reiki master since 1998 and have been involved in many spiritual and therapeutic practices since including hypnotherapy, massage, crystal healing, NLP, and psychic counselling. I have since, created my own programmes and workshops to facilitate higher self-worth and the restructuring of the mindset to release old conditioned behaviours, however, my experience with ho’oponopono was the missing link that has become the trigger of the biggest changes in my life. It is not only the simplest solution but probably one of the most powerful.

This ritual assists in the letting go’ and release of negative emotions, particularly anger and resentment

It is a great way to improve our relationships or let go of situations, past issues and wrong doings.

Long term resentments can damage not only our relationships with others but also ourselves.

Ho’oponopono helps heal the emotional memory triggers of hurt or anger. It brings about a state of void or to a place of ‘zero’, where there is no previous experience causing expectation and judgement, similar to when we are first born.

Like in restorative systems it can take time and the ritual may require a repeated practice but it can still aid the healing process however big the trauma.  It has been proven that ho’oponopono can be affective  after just one attempt. 

It may even help us physically lowering blood pressure, reduce depression and anxiety and improve feelings of hope.

By letting go of these negative emotions that only cause us pain we can truly heal and be happy

The practice of ho’oponopono creates a continuous cleaning of our souls and our minds and once begins, great things start to happen. As the negatives turn away from us, it is possible to see better opportunities enter, and all the goodness that had been restricted start to come in. A miracle maker’ Hooponono clears the mindset to manifest things that one might never believe would actually happen.

Ho’oponpono is the chance to start over and clear away the barriers that block abundance and beautiful blessings.  After just a short time the results of daily practice

By learning this technique and with regular practice it is possible to create a healthier life in general after just a short time. Finances, relationships, home and working life will begin to shift as old emotional triggers are addressed and dissolved.




Learn This Simple Technique to Cleanse, Clear and Start Over

Discover how to introduce and apply Hooponopono in your life on a regular and daily basis. cleansing of the self, environment, and relationship with others.

Learn simple techniques to create more abundance and manifest success.

This simple and easy ritual blessing assists in the letting go and release of negative emotions, particularly anger and resentment.