March 27th, 2019

I have noticed this area is so peaceful that we have begun to speak in whispers naturally although Parker and Sam haven’t had the memo and decided to wake us up at stupid a clock. Obviously the drugs have worn off. My bladder full I got up after giving up on trying to sleep and shut the door firmly so I didn’t get any visitors joining me in my hour of need but found I was unable to get out. Panic began to set in as I tried with all my might to shift it and a thought occurred to me. ‘Was this going to be another of those memorable experiences like Barcelona?  Luckily it shifted with a bit of jiggling and I decided that from now on I would never shut it fully again. 

I took Frankie out in the early hours but he couldn’t wait for a wee and released on the beautiful clean patio floor outside. There is little rain here so it’s unlikely it would get washed away. I quickly mopped it up myself before the neighbours saw as I didn’t want to leave a bad impression.

Market day in Palomares so we got ready and set off only to meet some of the neighbours on route. A Swedish couple who filled us in on everything and the husband fixed our lock so now we can lock the door easily. She was called Eva but didn’t know his name. There is also an English couple but haven’t really spoken to them and an English lady who rang on our bell to introduce herself in the evening.    We bought some lovely fruit and veg at the market and got some free lettuce and parsley from the smiley man behind the stall, then we headed down to Mojacar again to purchase a scratching post for the cats.  Everything in the apartment is wood so fun times for Sam!!.

The parking is free in Mojacar and really easy so that’s a bonus and the breakfast was such good value. 10 euros for both of our meals and a coffee each. 

The pet shop was huge and we got a massive creation for the cats which of course they had little interest in and Sam went straight to the sofa and began to sharpen his claw. Honestly, what’s the point? 

In the afternoon we went for a lovely walk in the village and had several beverages which again was very cheap. 5 drinks for 12 euros (2 large wines, and three pints of beer).   There was a lot of English enjoying the sun and also partaking in an afternoon drinkie and one lady offered us a dog!! She was looking after it for an old lady but I really don’t think that would have been a good idea. Do you?

Sean cooked a lovely pasta dish in the evening and we did a little catch up on the soaps before bed. All in all a very good first day and looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. 

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