6 Step KICK START Zoom Programme

It’s all very well waving a magic wand but that isn’t going to improve things instantly and there is little point in owning a magical instrument if the ‘How To…’ Guide has been misunderstood

Similarly, if you overlook the fundamentals and fail to do the practice set out clearly in the manual provided, then it is likely that the desire will be misspelled and a situation created, that ends up as a curse rather than a compliment.

View any extra information given as a way of learning before you decide to discard it as useless. The support programme offered right now is available to take advantage of however without the correct skill and knowledge you will be less likely to succeed.

Be patient with yourself and practice the commands and drills.

Very soon the dip that you are experiencing will become the step up you need and performing magic will become unconscious and natural ability. …….

If you wish to enhance the success in your life gain more confidence and learn to let go of the fear you are holding on to take part in my

6 step ZOOM Introductory programme.


This is the chance to changing your life for the better and begin the New Year as you mean to go on.

This shortened introductory version of the 6 Step Programme will give you just the kick start needed to Clear, Cleanse and Correct past habits, release fear, re-evaluate and revamp your life onto a more successful path.

$60 Normal price $370


6 x 1 Hour sessions Via Zoom Course over 6 days

Course Downloads, links and Exercises

Information on and about discounts on ‘INTENSIVE COURSES’

(SKYPE & 121) and BOOTCAMPS in Spain.


Friday 17th December – 22nd December 2021  

5pm Central European Standard Time Madrid (GMT+1)


Commitment To The Self

All sessions are recorded so even if you are unable to make the daily session you can watch later.




It has been the beginning of my spiritual journey and it evoked mysticism informed by the purity of spontaneous and beautiful complexity. Finally, my heart finds peace!

To set some context, I am a successful business


I came to Sara specifically to embark on her 6-step programme. women, my life from the outside looks perfect.  Great life, great man, many many friends and lots of career opportunities.  To the world I have everything, but inside I don’t feel it.  I had been looking for something for a very long time. I had tried many different programmes of learning to shift the ‘stuff’ holding me back, I learned about Sara’s work and felt drawn to try it.  Could this be the answer I’d been searching for? For once I didn’t do loads of research, I trusted my intuition and went for it.    

My Experience

In the beginning, I felt rooted to the spot, I was procrastinating about critical issues in my life, ignoring both my intuition and feelings of hurt, sadness and anger, all these things were getting in the way of what I really wanted in my life. I knew it, but somehow couldn’t or wouldn’t find the way forward to achieving what I wanted in life. Something was getting in the way and with all my heart I hoped this process would work. 

Outwardly, the process appears simple, the six steps follow in a logical and sequential method.  But the real work is the danced that begins inside.  In the beginning, I didn’t really notice the change, I

certainly felt different, more focused and engaged in the process, doing my homework and enjoying it too.  Then halfway through I hit the centre issue.  I was thrilled I’d got it and terrified as to what to do with it.  The mix of homework and complexity of being human, finally delivered my core challenge.  So here I was halfway through the process and feeling like I was at the beginning, Sara’s patience and steer got me back on track and supported me in clearing the fog and helped me in making decisions based on what’s right for me.   

Out of confusion comes learning, and learn I did; with Sara’s support, gradually the work evoked deep shifts in me and my mental focus and process, suddenly I encountered the real me, this is what I had been looking for; obvious maybe, but not to me at the time. 

The magic of the Programme

The ‘programme’ on the surface is about steps and structure, but you don’t feel like you are in anything so ridged as a structure. 6 Steps takes its cue from the mystical aura of Sara’s direction. You can sense her knowledge and nature as it creates movement in your heart and eventually head, because this is an unconscious and conscious process of learning and relearning, ultimately renewing.

Sara is an expert at getting to the core of the issue, her deep knowledge, directness and empathic nature makes her a Guru in my eyes.  In fact, I call her my Spiritual Business Guru, she has a real gift and knows how to turn that gift into concrete results for others.

Forever grateful, 

Annie Slowgrove

CEO, Board & Executive Coach  

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