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Intensive 6 Day Residential Retreat

6 Day Residential Retreat

Includes: 6 Nights Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Meal

Course Materials & Gift Pack

Excludes: Flights & Travel Arrangements


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Kick start Intensive Revitalising, Relaxing Re-Vamp

Clear, Cleanse & Connect

Using a combination of physical, vocal, holistic, and positive coaching methods; alongside Sara’s psychic, past life and healing therapies, individuals will take an intensive 6-day retreat to turn their lives around in just six days.

For a full six days, participants will identify and combat the blocks that have been holding them back from transforming their lives. With both one to one and group sessions

The itinerary is a summary and basic structure of the 6 Step Programme

(Detailed Itinerary Will Be Sent Prior To Retreat Start Date after Confirmation Of Bookings)

Includes meditation, shamanic practice, Therapeutic Art, Yoga Boxing, Aqua Practice, Timeline Therapy & Past Life Journeys

STEP 1              DAY 1      

‘ATTENTION’ covers language and becoming aware of thoughts and paying attention of feelings and goals. Getting in touch with the self, individuals will be encouraged to become aware and learn to pay ‘Attention’ of their thoughts, becoming mindful of the patterns and habits they follow and their moods and reactions to things and those around them.    Sara will introduce powerful techniques to encourage them to create new thought patterns and encourage awareness of how powerful the mind can be. 


ACCEPTING’ Covers fears, trust, and becoming vulnerable.  Participants will be encouraged to explore further what is blocking progress and learn to recognise their vulnerabilities and fears. It will include healing, timeline therapy meditation, and shamanic journey exercises session to discover the root cause. They will also learn how to create an empowerment anchor for present and future use.

STEP 3        DAY 3

‘ALLEVIATION’ Feeling and ‘Alleviating’ the fear this session goes further into the emotional side of the past and the relationships that have had an influence or are the cause of the negative behaviour patterns or habits.  The session will include learning ‘Feel and release technique’, re-birthing techniques healing and aims to help participants deal with their true feelings and release anything necessary. 

STEP 4        DAY 4

AFFECTION covers the positive progression so farand self-  love and encourages individuals to focus on the positive qualities they have to offer. They will be guided to explore what happiness really means to them and what their heart is telling them really.  

STEP 5        DAY 5

 ‘ALTERNATION’ covers change and how a perspective can alter just by the angle it is viewed. The celebrities individuals will be encouraged to be open to possibilities and that there is always a choice and the opportunity to create positive change if that is what they want.   They will be guided to re-look at their original goals and manifest new vision.  Sara will introduce the ‘the swish pattern technique’ for present and future use, the art of re-framing and practical art exercises aiming to encourage the participants to step outside the boundaries, opening up their creativity and seeing further beyond.

STEP 6                   DAY 6

‘APPLICATION’ covers practice and ‘Applying’ the techniques already learned.     The individuals  will look over and evaluate how far they have come and create new affirmations techniques for the future.  Sara will introduce pendulum healing techniques, ‘Chakra balance healing’ and Past life’ guided meditation to bring back any empowering energy that has been lost or forgotten.