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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.

For many, it may have seemed it has been another struggle of a year however it is important to remember

1. When things are at the worst they can only get better

2. Where there is a question there is something to learn

3. A challenge is something to overcome

4. Freedom comes from within

5. Our future begins with a single thought

6. The heart is the key to abundance

The new year carries a lot of energetic power however it is how we use that power that will determine how things turn out for us. The number two is about collaboration, partnerships, and relationships and symbolises a perfect balance of equal parts. There are three 2’s vibrating through this year adding up to the number 6 which shines justice and harmonious connections. The number of values and ethical standing pulls the energy together so we have the chance to come together as part of a universal family. It’s time to let judgments go especially on the self’, reach out in kindness, forgive all and those around us and be grateful for the choices that we have. The choice to be happy overall and take responsibility for ourselves. There will always be bigger mountains to climb, bigger goals, and most importantly a bigger picture outside the small pond we often find ourselves in, however, in order to see it sometimes, we are required to step onto unfamiliar territory.

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