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Sink Or Swim?

Which will you choose to do today?

Keeping in mind there is a choice so why not do something slightly different than you have for a while? Like wear something different? do things in a different order? Maybe take an alternative route to work? Eat something you have never had for lunch before? Even leave the house backward?

As long as it is a slight variation to the norm you are on the way to making a change. Think about your life what is working and what is still stagnant? Ask yourself why?

What is the pattern here?

Taking time to examine closer means you are taking time for you. You are valuing yourself? Remember though to congratulate yourself so far for surviving then thank the universe for helping you see that there are always alternatives and that it is ok to change.

It may not suit everyone but then you are living your life not theirs.

They have a choice too.

The next time someone judges your decisions ask them how they are able to come to such strong conclusions without having experienced the same and if they have in actual fact experienced the same? Who is to say that your experience will be the same as theirs?

The point is here, how do you know until you actually step into the unknown and take some action?

You may actually surprise yourself. If you believe you will never be able to swim then you will always be holding your breath and flailing your arms around looking for something to hold onto but constantly missing the boat.

Take a chance today. With the right attitude and positive state of mind, you may discover you can climb mountains….

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