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Knowing someone ‘Forever’ does not mean you must be with them ‘Forever’…

If some things are altering mentally it’s ok to feel differently about those around you. It simply means you are evolving and moving forwards. The fact that someone else hasn’t done so, does not mean you have to be hindered. You can still love someone from afar without being in their lives totally.

If you are feeling these changes and that spending time with certain individuals is hard work even though they feel like family or you have known them for a long time, making it seem impossible to walk away from them. Then find a way to be with them in a way that you can relate. Change the subject, keep things light, or do an activity that brings laughter rather than tears of gloom.

It is impossible to change another human being and wrong to expect them to but you can change the way you deal with them. Spending time with another does not mean you have to carry their bag for them and staying in contact does not mean you have to store their furniture.

Find a creative alternative and see a brighter way forwards..

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