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Look Back With A Smile…

We are already into our 2nd day of January and with a positive outlook we can allow the good times in. I was having coffee with my neighbour on this very day back in 2013 and we were discussing how so many were feeling down this new year and so relieved that the year was over and how that in January 2013 people were wishing exactly the same thing. Take some time to day to remember the good things that happened in 2020 as it is so easy to dwell on the tough times but there is always learning and any challenge that we are faced with is given to us because we have the ability to overcome it. Sometimes it may feel that the whole world is against us but actually if you turn the circumstances around and view from a difficult angle you will probably see that the universe has been looking out for us long term. Unfortunately, with the loss of loved ones this is particularly challenging and I cannot comment on the bigger plan for that except that when it is time it is time and it is out of hands.

The question to ask now is ‘Would the person I have lost want me to be sad or would they want me to live life to the full?’

I’m going to leave that subject there as it is a sensitive one but going back to the general outlook for the future ‘Do you want to get to the end of 2021 glad to see the back of it? Would you like to be a little sad it is over? Or would you like to be glad to have such wonderful memories and that you did all that you could to achieve your goals? That you have gained more wisdom and knowledge and feel full of excitement for 2022?

Every year brings change and learning and of course that is a challenge in itself. Imagine now that the universe has broken your life into millions of pieces and thrown them up in to the air. As they fall back down into the palm of your hands you are given the task of restoring the foundations and putting all the pieces back together.  The challenge is that they have now changed shape, they look different because your outlook is different. It is like seeing a situation for the first time, with new eyes and that means the order they are put back together in is also different. All these pieces of your life are people, circumstances, wishes, habits you name it and you may find that in order for them to fit together neatly that some need to be discarded as they no longer have a use or space.

See this as a second chance of creating life the way you want it to be as it is in your control which piece you wish to put where.

Look back now at all things you are glad to see the back of and look at them again with positive eyes. Ask yourself what you have gained, be creative with your perspective and look deep within there is always something. Once you have done this say thank you and let it go. You have acknowledged it and that is all the universe wants. Just turning your back does not rid yourself from negativity and fear but understanding it will set you free….

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