November 2020 Psychic Astrological Forecast

The beginning of November may begin at a sluggish pace but by the second-week things will feel more revitalised as Mars the planet of action gets back into the driving seat. He has been on vacation since September taking with him our motivation but as we move through the month the flow will return and we will start to feel less frustrated and ready to fire upon all cylinders once again, especially where creative expression is concerned. Communication will be better and it will feel like finally others are speaking our language as agreements and negotiations start to get underway and we realise the reasons behind the delays. The new moon on the 15th will be a pleasant one as clouds of the last 8 months start lifting and we embrace the idea that life really can be one that we are passionate about. Doors that have been sealed shut will reopen again this month and people will want to come out to play as fun-loving Sagittarius invites us to break away explore and expand new ideas. November will a busy month and although the return of some old themes will bring some intensity we will experience some of the most rewarding cosmic alignments of the year! An angelic vibration on the 11th will facilitate greater levels of consciousness and the 12th will help us bring our goals and dreams into reality. From 19th to the 24th, Jupiter’s energy will be amplified, shining down abundance and sending waves of support our way. The abundant full moon lunar eclipse on 30th will be a time when we harvest the gifts of seeds sown this year and although some important truths will come out and it will be clear that certain change will be for the best.

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