December 2020 Psychic And Astrological Forecast

December brings a gift of rebirth with a full moon right at the end of the year giving us a chance to rebirth new ideas and release the old ways.  Everything will have altered by Christmas as our mindset will have  transformed causing us to question ‘What was all the fuss about? Why was I so concerned with certain material matters when all I that is necessary is the love in my heart?’  

A lift in vibration has taken place all year and during the 3rd week there will be a demonstration of what we have learned and the skills we have accumulated. It will be a preview of what is possible and closely linked to future events in April 2021.

The Saturn shift into Aquarius and solar eclipse will create a more humanitarian approach to affairs guiding us to consider a more collective vote. This will shine light on perspective and facilitate us into personal reinvention.   Marking the start of a 200 year era  we will step into intellectual development and a more informed approach, allowing mental prowess to kick in so we can truly envision ‘a brave new world’.

The later part of the month will bring a renewed sense of optimism triggering us to realise and believe ‘it isn’t too late to make a change.’ Do not be surprised that if by the 29th old contents have been discarded and stripped and you find yourself staring at a blank canvas to begin again. Simplified decorative and clear goals will ensue and a stronger desire to have the knowledge in place so ‘This doesn’t happen again’.  New Year Eve will be the light of a collective candle of hope blessing on upon us a lit path of gratitude forward into 2021.

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