Follow Your Passion

Passion is a powerful emotion, so imagine if you were to put that amount of emotion behind a project now. How much do you believe in what you are doing right now? Is it the thing? If you are uncertain then think back to a time when you felt so much passion for someone or something that nothing or no one could stand in your way. All you could think about was the tumultuous feeling that completely consumed you. That rippling excitement, heady desire and the sense that there was nothing you wanted more than to experience this emotion forever. The need to prolong it as long as you can was the only thing that mattered. The feeling was so strong that everything else went ‘out the window’ and responsibility? Well what was that? lol Do you remember it now? If that is what you have now then ‘GO FOR IT!’ as it will certainly be a success. If Not then ask yourself why not? Is the path you are following someone else’s dream? Or is it that you are allowing someone to take responsibility? If you have come to a point where money is trickling away then do something you believe in and support it with your whole heart. This way you will guarantee a win…

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