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Get In The Flow

Promotion is the key! What steps need to be taken to take that next step upwards?

Take time to organise and prepare a progressive plan of action. Working through strategies of how you can make improvements. Research evaluate and put yourself out there. Make alterations and change the things that need to be changed. There is an open door waiting to be walked through – now!

View unpredictable events as a godsend and ask yourself how can this help me? How can I use this situation to my advantage?

If you are looking to take your relationship to the next step then do it now? It is a good time to talk about the future. Maybe you are thinking about moving in together or getting engaged? If you are unsure then decide what the goal is? Do you have the same goal in mind? Do you both want the same thing?

Take the pressure off and go with the flow. Rise above little niggles and other people’s stress and stubborn attitudes. This is the time for you and what is best for you. You can only offer others a chance to walk through the door with you. If they refuse then let them be.

Think positive communication and strong foundations. Make a list of what you would like to have achieved in the next few months and then work backwards…

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