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Let The Flavour Flood Out!!

It is easy to follow a recipe but it is in the acknowledge of taste that truly defines the relationship of ingredients within

Feel the emotions and let go of the sadness inside. Repressing them further will only prolong the process and create more pain inside.

Imagine a saucepan filled with mixed vegetable soup. You are the saucepan; the soup is your emotions and the vegetable ingredients are all the frustration and heartache you are feeling. Now, imagine you put that same saucepan on a hot stove and that the temperature is turned up to the highest. The soup will begin to heat up and after a time if you do not separate the saucepan from the stove, the soup will not only reach boiling point but eventually, it, and all its contents will boil over the sides of the saucepan, creating a horrible mess to clean up later. The sad thing is that much of the goodness in that soup will have been lost leaving less in the saucepan to enjoy. 
Now imagine the same pot and the same as before, you are the saucepan and the soup is your emotion. This time the heat is much lower, prolonging the cooking time. Rather than boiling over it is left to gently simmer. Gradually new ingredients get added and whilst some become softer and more malleable other parts dissolve completely taking away some of the goodness with them. If left on the stove too long with no liquid added, the contents of the pan will eventually dry out and cause the bottom to burn. 
The extra additions are representative of your thoughts and outside influences that come and go changing the original perspective causing some of the reasoning to be lost. The situation never gets resolved and the sadness and pain will become a dull ache inside leading to unhappy mindset and a negative outlook. 
It is impossible to ignore the feelings inside us forever whether we churn them up or simply control them by keeping them at bay. In avoidance, progress will become blocked and the fulfilling and hearty meal that you were so looking forward too will be spoiled, burned, and inedible.
So next time you decide to make soup.

1. First, be selective about the ingredients you use and take time to prepare. Choose ripe and healthy vegetables that are good combinations and will bring good flavour to the recipe. Make a decision as to what needs to be confronted and what can be let go of.

Ask the questions, how will holding on, benefit the well-being? And by doing so, what are the potential future obstacles? Give yourself the time to become aware of the best way forwards and most positive approach. 

2. Choose the desired temperature and alter it when necessary. Be aware of your thoughts and how the opinions of others can be an influence. Work through the different emotions within you and acknowledge them as they arise. Use this as a time of self-discovery and welcome the changes that appear.

3. Keep a close eye as it is cooking, making sure the contents are cooked right through but still keeping the goodness within. Give yourself the time and energy you need and deserve, focusing on the self-love and encouraging thought patterns.

4. When the temperature is right, and the soup is ready then it is time to serve and digest with perfection. Once the inner turmoil has been addressed then you will find that the fear has disappeared, and things are easier to resolve. You will be more open and ready to communicate and express in the best way possible and be able to continue toward living the life you wish for and deserve.

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  1. Izzy says:

    So very true and what a good way to describe emotions and excess baggage. Xxx

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