Easy To Digest

If you break off more than you can chew then it is likely you will get an excess that is a waste and that would be a shame similar too if you have a piece of cheese and keep grating at it will soon dissolve into nothing. How much are you putting in and where? Or are you taking on too much and then being able to deliver goods of the highest quality. Just because there maybe many offers on the table it doesn’t mean you have to digest each one in the minimal amount of time. as you know where diet is concerned there are certain foods that do not agree with us and lead to stomach upsets, cramps or lethargy if you have this information before hand you will be less likely to eat it the same as if you have the knowledge of how something may turn out then you will be less likely to ‘go there’ or even consider ‘partaking’. right now you have the knowledge so use it and by doing so the answer will be simple and there will be little waste and more in reserve…

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