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Anytime is a Good Time, The Right Time is NOW …

We never know when our time will be up so  Get Down To It And Live In The Present!

It’s easy to see how long food items last as most have a sell buy date and with all food and other items we own, after a time the sign of wear and tear will start to show.

Once this happens, we either take the action ‘to preserve’ to optimise maximum use or we choose to ‘discard’ as the shelf life or use has run out.  It is clear with either option, that at some point a newer option will be called for.  We also have an idea in most cases when the ‘D’ date is coming unlike our own, where although we are aware that our clock will stop at some point we can never be certain.

That ‘time’ could arise at any point so why is it when events take a sudden turn for the worse do we suddenly  ‘open our eyes’ and say things like ‘Life is short we should focus on the positives’, ‘It makes you realise when things like this happen?’ etc etc…  

We may not have a sell by date that is obvious to the eye but there will be one’ in the future and so enjoy the special moments now. Why wait till you know time is running out?

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