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Addressing Intolerance Creates Tolerance…

Eliminate the negative Intake To Create Positive Action

When we suffer from a food intolerance it is advised by some to eliminate the food which is the cause from the diet completely for a period of time and then re introduce it slowly.

If a reaction or negative symptoms continue then it is said that the body will likely have an intolerance forever. When a relationship is under strain or something is causing a negative influence or restriction in your life have the courage to detach yourself from it for a time, create some space and then re-look at the situation with a clearer head.

It is said often by people if you are unsure about getting rid of possession put it in storage for 6 months and if after that time you do not feel the need for it or do not miss it then it is not necessary for your life. If a situation has become stagnant or challenging and the well being is being affected it is time to address it now.

We are unable to change what has been done but thinking about it and remaining in limbo will only feed more negativity in your life. Make a change today by making the decision to move forwards.

What if it only took one step to make the difference you need? …

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