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What We All Waiting For?

Think about it, all that time that has been focused on the ‘When’s’ or waiting for the ‘Right Time’ could have been invested in something so much more profitable? I am not talking about waiting for a train for instance but even then it is possible to make good use of time, like reading a book, learning a language or maybe just meditating. There are two types of waiting.

The ‘waiting’ where you actually have your eye on the clock and frustration is extremely high, where there is no time limit facts or real knowledge of ‘When?’ is just wasting time. Similar to ‘watching a kettle boil’. Time becomes slower and more excruciating.

The other type of ‘waiting’ is like ‘a lady in waiting’. She has a specific role and waits upon another or is ‘in wait’ for direction as it is definite. There is a fact that at some point she will have to ‘serve’ or ‘be of assistance’ and take some sort of action.

At times, some aspects are in another’s hands and there is little one can do to push things along or change things. It is just a matter of time and the timing depends on all the factors relating to the result such as ‘will power’ and ‘personal choice’. So instead of sitting about looking at your watch get outside and see the world, do something productive, be pro-active, move things along in your life. By doing this one is also ‘leading by example’ and showing others how to do the same.

There is little point in remaining in a rut and there must be some kind of movement to allow energy to flow.

So get the ball rolling and take control, focus on you rather than the issue that is burdening you so much. You are the one in command and have the key to insert into the ignition and all the necessary tools to drive your life in a positive direction.

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