i want to be a millionaire
Just A Thought

On top of the world…

If you can see yourself at the top then you will be.  First, manifest the goal by seeing it, feeling it, and then bring it!

If you want to be rich then fill your mind body and soul with richness by only investing in and surrounding yourself with quality.

First, decide on what you want or desire, then picture it and feel it happening.

Becoming at one with it by living it.

If you want to be happy then take action and do the things that bring happiness. 

If you want a job in accounting, start by taking account of what is needed and if you want to take a rest then take some vacation time.

Look at someone around you who has those elements of success you crave and then model yourself on them. Look at the way they dress. How do they move how do they speak? How do they think? If you get the chance ask that person those exact questions and you will understand more about how to achieve the aim.

Great gifts are granted to us from the universe and often when we least expect. If you are there and ready it may just be you that becomes the winner of the gold medal. 

Imagine if it were you and how wonderful that could be? Ask yourself why not you? Why is that so incomprehensible? Someone must win the jackpot.  Someone must be at the top.

Decide today to be that someone.

You must be in it to win it so maybe its time you bought the winning ticket.

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