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It’s All About The Price Tag!

It’s not about the money, money’…

What price would you put on happiness?

How much should you be offered to deem yourself worthy of a job?

If you find yourself in a needy state where the bills are overdue, money is scarce and your mind is full of worry. Anything might be good, wouldn’t it?

At that point of fear when you wonder whether you will ever dig yourself out of a financial hole, it would be easy to take up any offer of help as the only aim is to release the stress and burden of debt. It is at these times that one should be most vigilant as at these times, offers can come as ‘sheep in wolves clothing’.

When one is in a mindset of ‘Scarcity’ it is likely we might take up a loan offer regardless of the repayments only to find the solution is short term or accept a job offer without reading the small print regardless of whether it fits the long term need. Because of the lack of’ energy that is triggering the hasty call to action to ‘solve’ rather than ‘resolve’ it is likely the problem will return finding oneself back in a place of loss once more. The loan repayments become challenging which leads to taking more credit and leading to bigger debt and the job may bring financial security but little fulfillment.

I need to be delicate here as I understand that often a job is a job and when times are tough I would not suggest to anyone to shun an opportunity completely. The point I am making is to look at things from a long term perspective for example

‘How restrictive is the contract?’ ‘Are there any challenges to consider?’

‘What are The benefits?’

‘What are the terms and conditions and can you accept them? ‘

In other words, what are your terms and conditions?

What is your ultimate goal?

How much further burden could this opportunity bring and at what extra cost?

Looking at the benefit will determine fulfillment.
It is the frame of mind you are in when dealing with abundance which determines the flow.
Like love, money must flow freely to have energy, and like love, it must love to exist.

Giving oneself a moment before taking up an offer, before jumping in with both feet, could prevent the discovery that the hot water is actually a boiling pot.

If there is even a moment of uncertainty then step back and take another moment or two to digest the proposition.

Flattery is great till it becomes flattened

What is the true worth?

It’s the price tag one puts on the self that truly matters…

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