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Follow The Joy…

When you love something you will give it everything you have no matter what distractions get in the way. You will be so emotionally connected that you will find a natural disconnection with things that are less important.

When you are this impassioned about pursuing a project then surely this would be a good direction to go in?

Do not misinterpret these feelings as ‘obsession’ as that emotion comes from fear.

The feeling I am describing is the experience of the heart opening up and everything within and around becomes light. It’s so great that all there is to do is smile which makes way for laughter.

It is an emotion that is all-encompassing joy and inspiration. It is like being a child all over again and everything is new and exciting.

You look forward to doing it and then feel sad when its time is over.

Time goes that much faster and we want to make the most of every minute doing the best we can. The investment of energy is irrelevant as every moment is a blessing and worth every penny.

If you are looking for direction then first ask yourself what in your life creates this emotion in you?

When you feel this kind of love, the rest becomes easy…

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