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Are you Sleeping with the Enemy?

The misunderstood message within a soul connection could trigger a path of misery.

Is your twin soul really a reflection of the one thing you are afraid of?

Is the person you feel that ‘strong soul link with the real reason progress has stopped?

Is it better the devil you know? It’s time to put the demons inside you to rest by giving yourself the love.

As a psychic I often get asked the question ‘Is this person my soul mate?’

If the person in question is a ‘soul mate’ then surely one would know? When one truly believes in something there is are questions to be asked. The truth is, that we refer to certain persons as ‘soul mates’ because we have already met them before, so of course we would recognise them. Wouldn’t we? Maybe the acquaintance hasn’t been made in this life but it will have been made in some other one in a past existence.

The reason you haven’t ‘connected’ yet is that one’, the time isn’t right and two’, maybe you do not need to? The reason I say this is because, ‘soul mates’, ‘twin flames’ whatever you wish to call them often come in because an issue needs to be resolved. It isn’t always a love link you have that links you. It could be connected to a career or even a family path.  

Oh, and we can have more than ‘one’ in a lifetime but that’s for another time. 

So that is why when you do meet or should I say re-connect? You may feel the powerful link but for some reason the relationship doesn’t run as smoothly as you would like, causing frustration and a some of the time down right misery.

‘So what’s the point?’ I hear you saying. ‘What’s the point of believing in this soul nonsense?’ Well, it’s not nonsense if you are able to understand the ‘why’ and the ‘reason’ this person has re-entered your life. If you can do this, then it is possible to restore harmony and move forwards together. I say ‘possible’ as sometimes when resolution is found then we find the need or desire we had in the first place dissolves along with it. 

So what if, a person is able to see that a union is causing them unhappiness and are doing their best to ‘get away’, ‘forget’ and move on? They do everything they can to break the link but the desire just keeps returning?

It is about seeing the ‘connection’ as a ‘karmic’ journey or a ‘spell’ to be broken and to break a spell’ we first have to understand why the spell was cast in the first place.  Once we have an understanding of where the source of the matter is, then one will find themselves on the path to freedom .

It isn’t dissimilar to a mathematical equation once you find the right position of ‘X’ and ‘Y’ it makes perfect sense.  Doesn’t it?  Ok , well maybe not the best analogy but I think you get my meaning here?

So how is this done in ‘real’ terms? Well, first a little dissection is needed to discover what is lurking beneath.  To do this, take the ‘problem’ or what is seen as the ‘problem’ and then follow the steps below.  First, though stop pulling at the chain as it is too strong to break that way.  This is a special link requiring special tools to break it in two.

Go back to beginning

Take your mind back to when you first met your ‘soul mate’ in this life and take into account your circumstances and what state of mind you were in.  Were you feeling the victim? Were you relaxed and happy? Consider all the details surrounding that time.

The initial Attraction

Look at what attracted you to this person. Was it their looks? What did they say? How they behaved? What feelings did they create in you? Security?  Excitement?

Where The Greatness Lies

Point the finger of ‘criticism’ directly at your ‘soul mate’. Seriously what is so great about this so-called ‘soul mate’? If he/she is making life so miserable for you then why bother? Why is the relationship not perfect and flowing? Why are you even questioning this? What are they doing that is blocking things? What is their problem? What are they lacking?

Point The Finger

Look at the finger you are pointing and now at the three fingers pointing back at you. What are the similarities between you? If there is little commitment, ask yourself do you hold an underlying fear of getting your heart broken?  It’s time to look at where your fear truly lies as that is the key you need to unlock the door to progress.

Explore The Pattern

Look at the patterns and habits you keep repeating and how derogatory and restricting they are to your life. Look at the time and energy you are wasting and then take a glimpse at your future self in five years time still repeating the same behaviours.   Be certain about what you want in a relationship and what is your goal?  Then ask yourself, is the relationship the way it stands now heading towards that? Are you or this person in the right space to achieve that?

Be honest

If not then what needs to be altered?  The pattern needs to be changed in order to create a new direction and to do that you need to understand what you are afraid of and stop justifying things that are making you unhappy. Be truthful with yourself.

‘Let go of the fear of letting go.’ 

Most people in these situations find this is the most challenging part of the puzzle as they feel that if they ‘let go’ then the link will be lost forever even though they want to achieve just that.   The thing to remember that if this is ‘meant to be’ then where is the trust gone that love will find a way back?

A Different Outlook

Change the perspective and instead of seeing ‘letting go’ as closing a door for good, view it more as ‘putting it aside’.

Imagine the person as a copy of your favorite book.  You keep it because it holds special memories and you put it safely on a shelf or cupboard somewhere.  You know where it is and it has a strong emotional attachment but you do not need to keep reading it every day to remind yourself of that fact. You are certain that it is a safe place and that when the time is right you will find yourself once again turning the pages.    

Greater Understanding

Understand the weaknesses and lead by example. Understanding your weaknesses and having the courage to follow a more productive path will show the other person how and doing this could be just the solution that is needed.  If you feel your ‘soul mate’ is lacking in commitment then turn it around on yourself. Commit to you and make yourself a person of importance. By giving the love back to you, you are showing that you are worthy of that love and by committing to you this in turn will show your ‘soul mate’ how to commit. 

Stop Blaming Yourself

Stop beating your self up as it takes time to alter a life long habit for good.  By becoming aware you have already made the first step to change so keep practicing and soon it will become the norm.  This is a time of encouragement and acknowledging the progress you are making day to day. Keep reminding yourself of why you are making these changes and the goals you have set yourself. Remember by giving yourself the ‘right’ love you will learn how to receive the ‘right’ love in return and if you truly ‘love’ yourself as you may say you do then why would you put yourself through so much agony time and time again? For one, it’s a whole lot of effort and two, it’s really, really painful.  See yourself as you would your best friend and then ask ‘Would I project this pain onto someone I love?’ No, so why do it to yourself?

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