Mercury Retrograde Ending today, last chance super Saturday ENDS today

Good Morning!!

Today is the last day of Mercury Retrograde so from tomorrow things will begin to ease up communication wise however there are still other planets still having a holiday away from the sun and we are still being tested on our journey to fulfilment.  The best way forward is by acknowledging, avoidance will only heighten the restrictions you may experiencing. Repeat patterns are arising like the zombies in the ‘Thriller’ video and will continue to follow you until the lights come back on.   

This is the last week of the Super Saturday Special offer so if you still wish to grab a bargain reading make sure you purchase the offer before 12 pm tonight.   This is for a written email, audio recording 40 mins, chat or skype option for 50 mins.  If this is something you wish to consider it is valid for up to one month from date of purchase.  As things stand right now, the next availability for a skype or chat appointment is Thursday 16th and if an audio or email reading is ordered it will be complete usually within 48hrs. It is first come first served though so I ask for your patience as often I receive a lot of orders at once. I do like to take time on each reading so I can give you a quality reading.

I have mentioned before but I also have a subscription options which will still be in play once the super Saturday finishes. This is for 12 months and paid monthly and guarantees a fixed price for that term. This is great for those of you who have regular monthly contact with me.

I am updating the website all the time so do keep checking regularly for anything new coming in. As some of you may know I am also an artist and am now offering commissions of psychic paintings where I channel artwork depicting past life energies and soul messages. Please contact me if this may be of interest to you.

Have a wonderful day

Sara x

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