Fire Mermaid
Just A Thought

‘Shine Brilliance’!

One person blocking the way forward is not a representation of the whole world. That one individual who appears to have a mass army is actually very much alone on the playing field as the driving force they think they have is made up of much lesser than themselves. They have drawn upon energy similar to themselves and the guns that may appear to be pointing toward you are not loaded with bullets only bubbles of insecurities and fear. Like all bubbles, they will eventually burst, and all of a sudden. So release yourself from their battle and take a new path. You can still reach that goal it’s just that it may be necessary to take a side door where there is no-one guarding it.

If you look more closely will find there is one that is slightly ajar because someone has forgotten to lock it. That will be your opportunity. It isn’t time yet to make your move and tomorrow you were reminded of that. Now is a new day and other things must be done so focus on them and the things that make you smile.

Let the battle commence but be an observer that way you will keep your hands clean and have a better view. All is not what it seems so step outside take a breath and keep going.

The darkness may be attracted to you right now but that is because you are shining like a diamond, spreading your valuable light.

Success is so close soon you will be able to taste it.

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