Solar Eclipse Special Offer


Offer ENDS 23rd June 2020

What new path is ahead?

The world is being tipped upside down, clearing away and dissolving all the unnecessary and unwanted situations and relations that have been blocking us up until now.

There is something new and exciting evolving ahead for each and every one of us and the universe is offering us the chance now to ride above the chaos of negative attitudes and old thought patterns and onto a positive path of trust, higher understanding, and transformational.

There is a choice to be had that will give us the support we need to step up’ into a pace of happiness and fulfillment. It is up to us whether we choose to sink or swim and the eclipse will be the trigger of an alternative direction possible.

What special possibilities lay ahead?

What is the theme of the next 6 months and what knowledge will be given to us along the way?  

Is there a chain of events to be revealed that links us from our past life into this one?

What will be left behind and what will enter?

Gain insight and understanding about the new cycle about to begin and the knowledge spirit wants us to learn on the path ahead.  Become aware of possible challenges ahead and how to overcome them.

First come first served.
Readings can take up to 48 hours and sometimes longer at busy times longer. Once payment is made you will receive confirmation of when your reading will be delivered.

Terms and conditions apply

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