What If The Mind Was A Magical Hat?

There is nothing worse than a joke explained as it looses its worth just like when we over-explain things or feel the need to justify our actions. ‘It is what it is’, just as a magic trick should be taken. Once you start digging for how and why? the magic simply disappears. The magic or miracles in life are not sent for us to decipher but as a way of renewing faith and giving us back our sense of belief. There is no point going to watch a magician if one is not prepared to enter into the illusion.
Dreams may not make sense but they can act as inspirations to our goals and the fantasies we enter are the possibilities that maybe there is a chance. The hat we wear or whether we wear one or not is our choice just as it is our choice whether we ‘wave the wand’. If the world was indeed a magical hat, then imagine the opportunity?!..

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