On the 22nd June, there will be 6 planets retrograde and that arrangement plus the solar eclipse will only add to the confusion and distortions we are all experiencing and find ourselves in now.

Think of the planet retrogrades as a guide rather than a hindrance. They highlight important factors on our personal journey to transformation and offer necessary highlights along the way, often slowing us down so we have time to rethink strategies, revamp and consider better steps forward. The planets are simply part of the universal workforce who are put on a shift rota. Like us, they clock in and clock out when it’s their time and ‘do their time’ until they are taking a much-needed break allowing us to take over.  Their break or time off is when we step in and take over responsibility.

Mercury is the assisting manager, legal advisor, and assistant. He is the person who is in charge of drawing up the original contracts, checks the details, and follows up communication errors. When he goes on vacation there is no one to outline the terms and conditions and so we aware left to finalise agreements without the help of a second in command. It is left to us to be certain of the choices on the table and to learn that ‘haste can lead to more waste.’

Saturn is the CEO who offers us the project or opportune position, leading to long term success. When he is around he is challenging at the best of times, constantly making changing the goalposts to create a more satisfactory outcome. It can be a tiresome journey in any working day but the end result is worth it. When Saturn takes a break the challenges become more so and he hands the reins over to us to lead the workforce and pick up the pieces of and errors.  This often leads to more overtime, stress, and a heavier workload.  Every day can present another problem to address to iron out problems or overcome foreseeable potential hazards.  It is a case of taking on the responsibility or be out of a job as taking an eye off the goal could lead to collapse and loss of foundations.

Jupiter is in charge of accounts and investments when he goes on holiday we must find ways to expand without relying on an advance as the payroll office is closed.  This is a time when we may have to come up with other ways to supply some extra cash flow. If he goes away around the festive period often bonuses or payday can be delayed and we are forced to rethink our budgets and long term savings plans and more expansive ways to bring in fulfillment. When the perks are less available we begin to look more closely at the job at hand and consider more closely the value in hand.

Venus is the Human Resources, relationships officer, and career’s counselor offering support to employees and when she is away, we can feel alone or dismissed. We may feel there isn’t anyone to fight our corner and we can be tempted to fall back into negative patterns and maybe make changes that could be regretful later.  The need to be recognised will heighten which could lead to doing more than is necessary, give up or suddenly opting for a career change.

Neptune is a leading salesman but not necessarily a team player. He is great with the  ‘big’ talk and good at being creative with the truth at times if it means pushing a deal ahead.  He has big dreams and often lives in a fantasy world as his expectations are often outweigh the reality.  He is good at painting a picture that we want to believe as he motivates imagination. He can be a starter rather than a finisher and will pull the collective onto a magical carpet ride in order to result. When he takes time off he takes his cover with hm and the truth is revealed.    If anything was any immoral actions, underhand agreements, or corners cut it will come to light as whoever is left in the workplace has to pick up the pieces and clear up any mess.

 Pluto is the partner or employee who has your back the person you can trust so when he goes off on his holidays you may feel exposed and others’ motives will be open for you to consider. When he goes it is likely there could be a temporary freelancer brought in as a replacement to take on some of the responsibility or pick up the slack. However, this person could turn out to be a past enemy or linked to old angst’s or circumstance that you might prefer to forget or bury in the past where ever it belongs. The return is a sign to find forgiveness and resolve with the past the same as in the present it is a good time to reassess the balance and truth of the situation.

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