June 8th Weekly Insight Predictions Tarot Astrology

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  1. sylvia Davies

    Hi Sara it is so nice to have watched this,it was so relavent for me,I had a friend locally my hubbie and i liked her and her husband,wetn out a few times for meals etc,but Sara a lot of the time she was letting me down at the last moment with social get togethers,when she did it began to jar to be honest and feel a friendship is a two way thing,so me being an outspoken Taurean i did tell her the last time it happened how dissapointed I was on f.b. wel no reply and sorry will try harder,i have been busy and just looked she has unfriended her,but not surprised.i have lovely friends and a smashing hubbie.Now more imprtantly lovely to hear and see your lovely bubbly energy.So glad you are happy over there,how you got there is amazing.and when you have a mo would love to hear how it happened.Loving this reading thank you Sylviexx

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