Enough Pie To Go Around…

If you are given a pie and wish to share it amongst your nearest and dearest, then as long as it is divided between them and yourselves equally that is enough said. You have done what you have set out to do and guaranteed that yourself and others have all been able to experience the gift that you were given. Remember it was yours in the first place and if you chose to, you could eat the whole of the pie with a grateful heart without reason for guilt. If they then so choose to be annoyed at not being the ‘Pie King’ and the one in charge of the proceedings, let them. It is through their own unhappiness that they would choose to project ill will onto you instead of honouring the pie. The same goes if they refuse the pie at first instance then feel later they should have been less hasty with their decision. It is our right to choose which option to take and therefore our responsibility to accept the consequences. A pie made with fear will become stale quickly and will fall apart when cut, where as a pie made with love will  taste more gratifying and there will be more to go around…

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