Choose Quality

Sometimes Less is More

Sometimes you discover a garment that seems as if it was made just for you. As if a personal clothes fairy had heard your wish for perfection in size and colour. When this happens the item will fit like a glove. Like another layer of skin that understands your unique pattern of curves and style. This is what you will see as ‘quality’. It will never outgrow you or the changing fashion in the years to come. It will become an old favourite or a lucky piece that will be worn and reborn time and time again. Every time you wear it others will remark as to how well you look. They may say things like ‘You look lovely’, or ‘I love the dress where did you get it?’, ‘you look happy’ etc.. Happy? What has that got to do with the clothing we wear? Well when we find that special something that completes the outfit regardless of the price we feel like a million dollars and that shines through. Imagine if everything in your life gave you that feeling?
Treat your life like a magic wardrobe filled with items of quality whether it be career, relationships, or clothing. Believe you are special enough and go for the best by first removing the things that are just filling up space, that have either gone out of YOUR fashion or do not FIT into your life. You may have less to choose from but at least what is there will have a use and there will be less left hanging …

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