The Greatest Gift!

We must honour the things that are unique as they are the things that act as inspirations. They can be significant ‘talking points’ or beginnings of others feeling a sense of rapport. If you are unhappy with a part of you because it doesn’t ‘blend in’ then start to see it as a point of interest that everyone will want to stop and stare at because it stands out more than anything else around. Why do you think we all travel thousands of miles for the experience of seeing a famous landmark? How much is that experience worth? Do we all feel that the Eiffel Tower is the most beautiful building? ‘ BIG‘ yes ‘ VAST ‘ yes, but beautiful? Memorable though isn’t it? So much so that it is timeless. So when others begin to point and stare. stand tall and be proud to be different because you are important enough to create the interest in the first place. Have the courage to shine brightly as you may see things in an alternative irregular fashion but one needs to have unusual perception to be a genius. It takes a special person to change the world and so be grateful that however, you may appear, you have been given the most valuable gift of all…The GIFT OF LIFE’…

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