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Enjoy The Break ..

April 25th 2020

So what now? We are still in the transit process and the next train is on time. It just hasn’t arrived yet! So how about doing something really decadent like ‘give yourself a break?’ That would be a first. ‘If it is meant to be, it will be’ so if you have done everything you can that can be done then what else is there?

It isn’t possible to force someone’s hand and if you keep standing over the issue then it will have little room to move. Remember creating restriction will only create more blocked energy. So stand back and let the universe do its job. Like you the whole world is experiencing the chaos right now. Take a little time to observe and do something pleasant,

If you are always the driver then sit in the back seat for once and enjoy the scenery instead of constantly looking for signs and if you are sitting at a crossroads then indicate to the other drivers exactly what you want. That way you will be able to easily turn the corner and the rest of the traffic will begin to move, creating a better flow. The pace will become easier, the outlook brighter and you will soon be back on the highway toward home…

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