Everything Is Changing …

April 23rd, 2019

All change… the shift is occurring so be ready to swap to a NEW way, a better way! There is a chance of really taking a step up in the current climate especially when it comes to the home. So if you are looking for a new home or thinking about redecorating or upgrading this is a good time to set plans in action and if you already have been preparing for a change then it is likely you will see a significant improvement It could be you are waiting to hear about a promotion or a change in your current job and the message is ‘As long as you abide by your ethics and lay all your cards on the table then the outcome will be promising long term.’ Watch the emotional blackmail or manipulative advances of those around you, especially if they do not agree with your choices. Remember you are making decisions based on what is most beneficial to you and your future happiness. Its time to let go of the baggage so close your ears to the ‘sorry pleas’ of those who have only used you for their own gain. It’s time to move on and be independent. An old emotional pattern has altered and you will feel stronger after cutting the ties. Free yourself and fly high and you will discover the more you let go, the more liberated you will feel, and the better your life will become…

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