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The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Have faith in everything that is happening now will lead to a change for the better. There are a few bumps in the road and a few unexpected twists and turns but doesn’t that just add to the adventure?

There will be the GOOD highs that will form fond memories to remain in our hearts forever, as, through laughter, many of us opened arms in support, creating a new sense of positivity and perspective through the darkest times.

There will be BAD lows where we have lost those we have loved, lose a sense of control and when the true meaning of isolation and loneliness really kicks. 

Then there are the UGLY truths that come out of the selfishness and negativity that is still amongst the few.

Seeing and experiencing all these highlights are a blessing to help us discover our own truth and trust in our own security.  

A Premises may be without business right and may feel at a dead loss but when we understand that we are ourselves the business, then even if the walls did come tumbling down it can still live’, just in an alternate way.

The road may seem a long one but it will be worth it at the end. We create the flow of our own existence so choose to turn the taps back on. It is only the ‘NOISE’ in our minds and collected data and programming from the past that is creating the triggers of fear.   Nothing can be lost as we are in a state of stillness and within an open void that we recreate and rebuild our lives from scratch.  So smile and continue forwards as you are exactly in the right place and have everything you need to carry you to the finishing post. I’ll see you when you arrive and look forward to receiving a postcard.

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