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Black Is Black?

Yes is yes and no is no and as simple as it sounds it is the truth.  There is always a definite answer to a question even if that answer is ‘I don’t know’ … so just answer it! It’s time to stop hiding and face the demons that you are facing whether they are deep inside yourself or ‘on the telephone’. Ignoring the elephant in the room’ may be a short-term solution but inevitably the issue will keep coming back to haunt you until you take stock.

Whether it will let someone else down is beside the point. It is time to deal with your own priorities and put yourself first. Dealing with the situation will help unclog the confusion and make the way forward a whole lot easier.

Find the courage to decide what will benefit you right now and be good to yourself.   The challenges you are dealing with, are what they are’ and they are all happening for a reason and that reason being a solution and the help you are needing at this moment in time to move forwards.  See the obstacles before you as an opportunity to create a more productive and positive direction in your life. This will then inspire a new pattern of behaviour, which is so much worthier of you.

Listen to what you feel to be honest and true in your heart and deal with the circumstances as they arise in the best way you know-how. The path ahead will then become clearer and you will find yourself back on track.

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