Psychic Expat Diaries April 7th 2020

Had a fabulously sleepless night once again as Parker on top form yowling his lungs out!. When we got back yesterday we opened out the sofa bed in the lounge as we thought it would be a fun sleepover for a change but that was a big mistake as the screaming cat of a banshee normally does his caterwauling in that area so it was full volume from around 4.00am in the morning.

Even after a sleepless night we decided to check out to Villericos market. It was huge and took a while to get through. It was a lovely breezy day with bright sunshine and I bought a necklace, cucumbers, and some chamomile tea. I read that chamomile tea can be given to cats to calm them. Not sure yet whether I need to serve it in a cup and saucer or just drench him in it.   I will ask him when I see him next which he would prefer? 

On the way home, we popped into Nikki and Marks to inspect Mia’ the cat for feeding on Wednesday and have a coffee. Their place is lovely and she mentioned she might like me to paint some of her outside walls so that it will be a great venture.     Mia is gorgeous and a lighter coloured version of our old cat Zebedee.

The afternoon was spent having a siesta as we both just couldn’t keep or eyes open then Sean endeavoured to make me some roast potatoes for dinner. They were more mushy roasts but very tasty anyway and I was grateful as we sat down to watch a movie.   Let’s hope it will be a quieter night, I have given some calming tablets to parker and we will visit the vet tomorrow to discuss options mmmm…  Apparently we can just walk in and see someone!  this place is just getting better and better…

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