Psychic Expat Diaries April 6th 2019

Worked all morning but looking forward to later as its Grand National day!!! We are meeting everyone at the Oasis bar later to watch the grand national. The owner Emma has set up sweepstakes and we have all picked a horse out of a hat for two euros. The 1st 2nd and 3rd places win something. It’s a bit of fun and it turned out to be a lovely evening.   I got to know people much more and conversation went from discussing the up and coming Easter egg hunt to me writing a panto and organising a murder mystery.  It turns out Nikki is maybe interested in some dance classes and doing some singing and acting so watch this space!!

I got a message from a girl who lives in Turre who was running some classes but there wasn’t enough interest again she is my age and was keen to meet up with me. We have made a plan to get together in Turre which will be nice.

Another mystery has evolved of the missing bank card’, im beginning to wonder whether we have a troll. I cannot for the life of me remember where I put it. There has been nothing taken from the account so it may have just been mis-located within ‘stuff’ but again it has baffled me. I have cancelled it anyway and will use Seans card in the meantime ‘oh dear ‘ lol. 

Apart from  the possibility of a troll’ in the house, I am so hoping now we find a place in Palomares as it has been so welcoming, and we are really feeling like we are part of a little community now. There is a huge music festival on the beach in August and people come from all over. There is so much entertainment that often the bars in town are less busy, so the owners take some time away.    

There is a quiz night tomorrow but we have decided to have a quiet one as all this going out is exhausting!!!

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