Psychic Expat Diaries April 5th 2019

Today we took a trip to Almeria which was a humdrum of cars and life very unlike sleepy Palomares and panic started rising with the presence of more than one vehicle within 100 yds. As we looked for somewhere to park I thought ‘Where would we be without google maps? ‘

Seeming a better option than aimlessly driving around and getting ourselves lost, we headed for the commercial centre which was free to park.

Both of us were crossing our legs and so the first port of call was a toilet which Sean decided would be located down the other end of the shopping precinct (at least another mile away) and not where I suggested near the coffee shops that were just a few metres to our left.   I allowed him to take charge even though the urge to just let it all go’ was drawing uncomfortably closer only to find I was right and so we had to traipse all the way back to where we started. The toilets were massive and there were so many; empty too which was a plus. After relieving ourselves and once again being able to walk normally, we stopped for a quick bagel and a coffee before checking out the shops. 

Desigual greeted me with open arms and so it would have been rude not to jump right in. Funnily now I have it on my doorstep I’m less needy and so only. I told myself that would be my treat when I wanted one as I didn’t wish to spoil myself too much. We did a bit of browsing and then went into the biggest supermarket I have ever seen. It was so big it would be easy to lose your screaming child in (if you wanted to). The shelves were high and it sold literally everything in fact we could have set up home there and may well consider it if we don’t find something soon. I mean it comes with free parking.

We got back home at lunchtime and Sean went off excitedly to check out the cricket academy in Desert Springs. A game was on and so I pottered around and then went to meet Nikki for a coffee.    He came back earlier than expected as it was very windy but he was grinning from ear to ear as it looks like he will be able to play from time to time. Apparently, players sometimes don’t show up and need replacements.  I’m glad now we didn’t leave his cricket stuff behind as he would have wanted new stuff again.  

A new mystery has begun as to where my Art Portfolio has gone. It’s really odd we both remember packing it and just cannot understand where it has disappeared to. I have rung around and it remains an unsolved mystery. The sad thing is that there are notes to books I was writing, prints to sell amongst a few other things. I have just accepted it that it’s in the past for now and am doing my best not to think too much about it or I’ll get upset.

After a catch up with Nikki and getting caught in the rain, I went home to a nice home-cooked meal. 

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