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Psychic Expat In Spain April 2nd 2019

Blazing sunshine welcomed us this morning and I had my breakfast out on the porch with the lovely Frankie before wandering up to the village to check out the bank there.    We were told we needed yet more information and I made the decision it was time to buy a printer as all the things we needed were easier to just print off rather than have sent.  It seems everytime we go to get something done another issue arises. It may be a sign to just go with the flow but starting to feel a bit in limbo. What with Brexit its just odd.  I don’t have regrets though, still feel we made the right decision. We didn’t sleep as well last night as Parker really went for it in the night and so old grumpy sean materialised which makes everything much more tiring. I say black he says white etc…  We went into Mojacar looking for a printer shop only to be told the best one was in Garrucha which we found eventually and I purchased in a nice little number at a good price.

We bickered all the way back like old times and then decided to stop for lunch in a place near Palomares. It was beautiful weather and discovered some powerful tan lines around my sunglasses which look less attractive when not wearing my shades. I will need some touching up there I think.

The place we went to was called Luceros which offered a menu of the day and boy was it huge. I had Russian salad and it was like the main course. The waiter was a little smiley man and although he appeared very helpful did not seem to comprehend I would like a glass of white wine. Every time I asked he would say yes and then not bring it. Maybe he thought I needed to stay off it. Anyway, we didn’t pay for it so all ok.    By the time we got home, it was mid-afternoon again and to be honest didn’t think I would fit any dinner in later but I managed a small morsel in the end. I wouldn’t want to let the chef down after all his hard work.

 I have given Parker a good talking to and hoping he will be quieter tonight.  Fingers crossed.

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