Psychic Expat In Spain 1st April 2019

I began today by rerecording my weekly blog as when I uploaded it yesterday the sound was not great and then we spent much of the day sorting paperwork and generally binning anything from the past that was not needed. So liberating!!! I finished my accounts off too which is always a pain.  Can you believe from now its all going to be different? Not even sure where I’ll be paying tax.  We have been given the name of a guy in Mojacar from Mark and Nikki who has helped them with tax and bank accounts etc so we went to check him out this morning. Only I got the name wrong and asked the woman in the office for Mike when it was Tim. She was pretty helpful though and said I don’t even need to think about tax for at least a year so another thing I can chill about.

We then went in search of socks for Sean and had bought some before realising the cost! We wont be going there again and he will only be wearing those pairs for best. I heard there was a Primark in Almeria so that will be the place to shop from now on. The way Sean wears his socks out it isn’t worth paying that much. He had better not mix the white ones with the coloured either when he becomes house husband. He’s doing well actually, changing the litter, sweeping and washing up.  

We found a much better place for breakfast today (as it would be rude not to) and couldn’t believe what we got. I asked for a tea and Sean a coffee along with a full English breakfast. Before the breakfasts arrived got tea with a whole tray of teas to choose from, a glass of water, a glass of orange juice and a plate of doughnuts. It was so filling I had to give some of my bacon to the ‘big man’.   All of that for 15 euros! That’s about £14.    

We went to see about a bank account after brekkie but there was a lengthy queue and so decided to do the weekly shop instead, at the Mercadona’.  

Very odd parking set up. The car park was below the store and as you entered the parking place you took a ticket as you entered but that was given to the cashier at the end and she replaced it with a new ticket which you scanned to leave. All very complicated but the shop was the best yet and we managed to stock up for about the same as we do at Lidl. Found sundried tomatoes too but very expensive. So weird I mean this is the place for tomatoes and much easier to dry out in this sun’. 

Another dilemma we have come across is shower gel. Again, seems to be in short supply or sold in a separate outlet. Very odd maybe they don’t wash here?  We will continue research on this as we go. 

The rest of the day was spent clearing up and before we knew it, it was time to eat once more. The time just flies here and I feel like all I do is eat. Well nothing wrong with that I suppose as long as its tasty. Sean made a lovely stirfry pork dish and we ‘DIDN’T’ have any alcohol as decided our livers needed a breather.

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