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Psychic Expat In Spain 31st March 2019

The end of the month and yes as forecast the day was a washout. Frankie did his usual and hid under the covers most of the day but I did manage to drag him out for one quick wee wee. I Am unable to locate his raincoat at this time. Funny how we brought so little but are unable to find anything. The plan for today was to just catch up with rest and chill at 5.00pm to meet up with Nikki.

The rain had stopped when we went out but the floor was slippy and just as sean was about to warn me that the ground was wet and be careful I just slid. Just like that!! Luckily I did just slide smoothly and have no bruises and there was no damage done. Just relieved there wasn’t an audience.  

At the bar, I decided to try the pink tonic with a gin which was different, not sure whether I prefer or not. My opinion is its best sometimes to leave a drink as it is. If it works why change it? 

Nikki and her husband Mark met us at JJs bar and were very friendly. They filled us in with lots of information and offered us advice on who can help us etc. She has 4 grown-up kids and her mum and dad are out here too. It was very easy with the two of them and we shared similar dogs. They also have a Cross Staffy with Jack Russel called Alfie who has long legs but exactly the same temperament as Frankie.   We left at around 7 and will be meeting up with them on Wednesday. It all seemed very ‘meant to be’ which was a reminder again we had made the right choice.

It’s Bingo at JJ’s and the ladies hang there and the lads go to the bar next door. She is working at a restaurant not far away and also told me about Spanish classes starting in April so we are going to sign up for them.  Mark likes cycling and has told Sean some good places to pick up a bike as he has already expressed his desire to exercise this way.

I’ll stick with the dog walking I think. It will do Sean good though. He seems very eager to get himself fit which is great.  We came home feeling really happy that things are beginning to open up already…  

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