Psychic Expat In Spain

March 30th 2019

Today we rose a little later and after I did an impromptu online chat reading with an Indian client we ventured into Garrucha where we discovered the loveliest furniture and gift shop.  Yes, could definitely see myself buying a few items there but will need to get some more pennies in first. Oh and a place that’s a bit more permanent.   I still haven’t heard about where we are going but I still have faith. Like Brexit everything is in Limbo it seems. 

Garrucha beach is lovely and I took my shoes off and wandered along the sand to have a dip of the sea. Yep a bit cold but probably not as cod as Uk.  It was a bit windy today but the sun is bright and I felt like I was in heaven as I sat and watched the world go by for a little while. Before we left there, we thought it rude not to have a quick coffee and some apple cake at a beach bar.

We stopped off at the consumer vera playa to pick up some cat litter, milk, and a few bits and have also realised that sundried tomatoes are another thing that is rare. We circled that supermarket, sean and I over and over but could not find any insight. Really odd. Must put that on a list of items to locate. 

Also at Vera playa I found a nice clothes shop and bought two summer dresses for a total of 15 euros Not bad, my wardrobe is nearly complete haha!  

I received a message from a fellow ex-pat in the town who was keen to meet up for a drink. She was my age and guess what her name was Nikki! We arranged to meet Sunday at 5.00 pm.

Once home I had a go on the phone lines to check I could connect properly using my skype number and ended up working for a couple of hours which was good then I had the hot bath which I had been looking forward to along with Parker who sat in the sink and Sam who sat in the bidet. 

It’s supposed to be raining tomorrow so planned to have a leisurely Sunday as so far our feet haven’t touched the ground.  Villaricos market can wait till next week…

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