What Is The learning?

Yes, there is something going on beneath the surface although the facts are still unclear at this time. Lay low and do what is necessary to remain out of the firing line. Play the long game and it will bring better results. Patience, in this case, is definitely a virtue. Remaining within your own boundaries will protect you from getting involved. Remember I speak to the masses when I post messages and so it is likely that there are many of you in the same position all feeling paranoid, suspicious and unnerved. Combine all that energy along with the planetary alignments and worldly crisis and there becomes a casserole of unusual flavours all battling it out together in one big pot. All endeavoring to become the most succulent bite when actually with a little communication and realisation they will understand that it takes all of them together to create the master recipe. So sit back and observe embracing the power of stillness. Ask what this whole episode is telling you? You may learn something very special and unique today…

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