Psychic Expat In Spain 29th March 2020

Had a more relaxing night’s sleep, the pillows helped but for some reason, Frankie is preferring to be on top of the covers which is less comfy in a smaller bed as he clamps the sides down. I woke at 6.30 am which is much more respectable than the 4.00 am starts previously and we went for a lovely morning walk on the beach. Frankie had a lovely time running and chasing a stick along the sand.  Sean dipped his toes in the sea and said it was ok. Not sure what that means will check it myself tomorrow.

Today the day we can buy a television as ‘Mercury Retrograde’ has officially finished and as predicted waiting till the time had passed did pay off.

For those who are unaware of I mean by this, making big purchases especially electrical ones isn’t a good option as Mercury is the sign of communication and electrical things tend to break down during this time and after this time it is likely you will find a better deal.

We found a TV the same as the day before at £100 cheaper. Sean was thrilled as well, it’s all he really asks for in life and it’s the biggest one we have had so far.  I wonder if Sean was on desert island discs he would ask for a TV? I expect he would but forget there would be no source of electricity. 

TV safely stowed away we drove to explore the local LIDL store on the hunt for FROZEN CHICKEN.    In the UK I always bought a pre-cooked bag of frozen cut chicken for Frankie and the animals as it was easier and actually cheaper than dog food. It was easy to use as it only needed a little defrosting and I could always use it too for meals.

Nowhere seems to sell chicken frozen around here! Frozen fish yes and chilled meat or ready-made dinners. It was really odd but in the Uk, Lidl did a bag of chicken so presumed it would be the same here. Well, I was wrong. No frozen chicken to be seen and no pet food either. There was though a rather delightful pick and mix fish counter. Like the sweets, only varieties of fish cut up. You just took a bag and scooped in what you preferred. So much fun!

I left with a few items and suggested next we go to our local stores in Palomares. I was determined to find some somewhere.

Well, there was some in the local store but only drumsticks ad wings which would do but maybe it would be best to buy fresh and just cut it up? I needed some eggs whilst in there which is another difficult thing to locate as their food arrangements are really odd. The eggs are never where you think and after marching around the store at least three times I was forced to ask for help. I am pleased to say again my Spanish came into play and I asked very correctly where I could find eggs.   I was directed to a remote area and finished my purchase smoothly without any more hic-ups.  They are HUGE eggs, by the way, great big yolks.

After shopping I picked up my cardigan at the local tapas bar which I had left the day before  and we went back home to have burned croissants  (I burned them) with ham and cheese and maple and pecan Danishes. Yummy. (Not The burned part)

I had some work come in so did that after lunch and then late in the afternoon we decided to go for a quick walk with Frankie as it would be rude not to and discovered a new bar that looks very English but is actually owned by a Spanish family. There we met a wee Scottish man.   He was very chatty and told us he dealt in property and was happy to help us in any way if we wanted to pop down to his office at any time. He also told Sean about the golf society that meets weekly and the wonderful courses they play on.    Sean was eager until he was told about the various snakes and spiders that lurked there.

After I had 4 large gins and I mean at least ‘4 in one’, Sean had 8 beers (bottles) and the wee man had a whisky I settled the bill . I was astounded as it was only 24 euros in total. That was under 2 euros a drink? Well one thing at least if we never found frozen chicken we could always live on alcohol.  We did have a good time though and I don’t think I have laughed so much in a long time. Sean is certainly so much more relaxed.  

We finished the night with a steak and salad oh and a couple more glasses of wine. I didn’t really feel drunk so maybe the alcohol is just not that strong?  

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