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Psychic Expat In Spain28th March 2020

After a crazily bad nights sleep caused by various furry four-legged people chasing mice and yowling (What’s it going to be like on a full moon?) from around 3.00 am onwards and a lopsided pillow situation we decided to go shopping for good bedding and that we needed to begin ‘Operation keep animals awake during the day’.  We also wanted to check out the pet rescue place ‘Paws Petas’ (not to register them for bad behaviour) to see what was on offer as far as voluntary work.  

Paws Petas won the vote to visit first which was around 14km away in Los Gallardos.   A man greeted us at the gates as well as a large Ginger cat who immediately went and sprayed on a visitor’s car, charming! Then we were introduced to ‘Manon’ a friendly dutch girl who showed us around the dog pens.  Over 50 dogs are currently a resident and more puppies had been left at the front gates that very morning.  As we walked around lots of sad and hopeful doggies came to greet us but some still fearful of humans after being badly treated. It was lovely to get a chance to talk to them about their work and also offer some love and cuddles where possible. Kia was a beautiful white terrier cross, much taller than Frankie and with the most gorgeous face. Apparently, she had been homed and was now back again. Manon said that people were afraid of her because of her breed. I just couldn’t understand it.  A bit later we got to see another set of beautiful pups and their mum. They have been homed already except one. It’s good they are going to have a family but my heart really goes out to the older dogs, as Manon said they are unlikely to be placed at all.    Seeing this has made me all the more determined to have a mansion in the future and be able to offer help to these animals. 

Manon said we could either come and walk the dogs at our leisure or register as a volunteer and be trained to work inside. It was up to us how much we wished to do and any help is appreciated. She said she came originally for a small period and then returned and now lives on site. She also taking a dog back with her when she eventually goes home.  There were others who were doing the same in caravan accommodation (mainly dutch) and all were very friendly.

Next we went onto the cat area and Orlando (ginger cat) was amongst a crowd of oldies in what the volunteer (Sam) called the retirement village.   All of them were purring together, sounded better than the Axevalley choral society.  Sam told us many of the cats had gone that day but more were due to arrive. She showed us to the quarantine area where we discover some kittens a Parker and Poppet look alike and another ginger ball of fluff to have a cuddle with. They were all being treated with cat flu but doing very well. We spent some time cuddling all of them and then on our way out met a huge Alsatian called ‘Arbol’. He was full of life and very playful. Manon said he was a challenge to walk as he was little temperamental and made some of the volunteers nervous. Well, Sean was in heaven and after seeing him with Arbol I think he would be his allocated walker.  He was a gorgeous dog, so cuddly but ‘big’.  

So off we went to search for a pillow with something to look forward to but a little sadness at how these animals are just abandoned. 

Back in Mojacar we visited the estate agents and picked up a special TV box which once plugged into the telly would allow us to view virtually every channel on the planet!! You can imagine how excited Sean was?

Next,we visited a solicitor who might be able to give us advice on residency and NIE numbers. Everywhere we go though it seems a different solution.

To explain a little further an NIE number is needed to buy something. It is an identification number of some kind. If you want to buy a house a car even set up a mobile phone contract. If you buy a car the person buying it will only receive the number. To get an NIE number you must also have rented accommodation for 6 months and fill out numerous forms etc.  We don’t need one for a bank account. For residency, you need a certain amount in the bank to be residing already for 3 months, have a bank account and medical insurance.   We were advised that everyone is trying for residency now because of Brexit but because of the possible no-deal, no one really knows what the outcome is so we may as well just sit tight for now. Also, we haven’t been there for 3 months yet. As for the NIE number she said unless you are buying something we didn’t need it.  So all ok except we may need new phone contracts as after a period of time they just shut off abroad as the providers will not do so permanently. So to get one we would need to buy something. The car would be the option as after a time we would need to change the plates on the car or change it completely. What to do with the old one? Aaaah  it was so complicated.  We decided we would seek out some car dealers and check out our options. We would open a bank account on Monday so at least we could get some things started. Until Brexit was done we really had no idea what was required of us

Ever hopeful in our hearts though we went and bought some lovely pillows which would at least help a good night’s sleep.  Also, we still hadn’t had brekkie so returned to Pur Vida for a late one.  It was actually 12 pm but they didn’t t start lunch till I was really hungry so ordered the larger breakfast.  I noticed the last time I got toast with only jam and no butter and with the larger one I got butter and no jam. (Not that I wanted jam would have preferred marmite but not sure they do it here)

The jam, butter situation must have been an error as I also received a pot of tea without the teabag. 

Note to myself ‘must start a search for it and if not ask for a care package to be flown over.

With full tummies, we returned to Palomares and I took Frankie for a long walk towards the sea. Sean was adamant we could not cut through but I wasn’t going to take his word for it. I easily found some dirt paths through the cabbage and lettuce fields, met a few goats and also a funny little Spanish man. He looked a little like ‘ one man went to mo’ with his triangle sort of hat and a stick. He was fascinated with Frankie and I am pleased to say I conversed a little in Spanish that Frankie was indeed a ‘Man dog.’

Sean then joined us and we took another stroll around the village . Lots of guard dogs barked as we went passed and Frankie just kept walking with his head down which I was pleased about. Wouldn’t like to imagine what a standoff between them would have been like.   

Later in the evening, Sean cooked a lovely meal and I had a lukewarm bath. I am yet to have a hot one as he always seems to get in there first. Tomorrow I will make it a priority. It is lovely though to have one now and not just the shower. I’m sure it’s helping my feet too.

The dinner was lovely and we watched Bohemian Rhapsody with a few glasses of wine which we both thoroughly enjoyed (just one of the 1000 films to watch for only 8 euros a month, so much cheaper than sky).

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