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March 26th 2019

Arrival In Palomares

The bed was less comfy than the last because the pillows were too thin and so sleep wasn’t a quality one as the night before but today was the last leg and so we knew we could relax properly once we got there. We rose early so we could reach Mojacar in good time and opted to give the cats the diazepam (not sure if that’s spelled right) as had run out of the chill chews we had been giving them.   Unfortunately, they seemed to have the opposite effect on Parker and he yowled most of the way but a good bit of Spanish radio on full volume remedies that.

Overall experience ratings of hotel Del Vino Carinena

Bed and night’s sleep 3/10 Huge bed but poor pillows and not dog friendly. Frankie kept missing and banging his head on the mattress.

Bar service 10/10             Big glasses, good wine

Room tea/coffee facilities 0/10   None at all

Services 10/10  lovely food and great food

Staff 10/10    Very friendly and efficient.

Room facilities 5/10  things were on offer but did not work efficiently

The last part of the journey was very smooth again and we entered Mojacar around 12ish. I felt very emotional just before and then once there felt like I belonged.

We stopped at the estate agents in beautiful sunshine, paid the rest of the rent and picked up the keys which were many, so many.  The apartment looked so much better when we arrived and although it seemed full of stuff is providing everything we need.  There have been a few mishaps though. One being the toilet doors are sliding ones so when you want some quiet time the cats can open them. I was having a bit of me-time this morning and a claw appeared and opened it up again. Poor Sean had a full view of my goings on’s.  The cats really do not like any door shut and so we have kept everything ajar for now for their benefit.   Maybe they suffer from Cats-strophobia?

Another issue was one of the cupboard doors also a sliding one which literally came off in my hand when I opened it. We have informed the agents and we will not be here for long so not a problem really. We have dumped all our belongings in the spare room and the cat litter is neatly in the second bathroom. 

The final issue I experienced was the bidet. We have one great but I was so tired I actually sat down on it and had a wee by mistake oops.

Oh and I forgot the millions of keys were given. I still have little or no clue which is which and every time we leave we spend an extra 15 minutes trying to work out what is for what. Also, the main door seems to open but has an issue with locking.

We were so looking forward to a bath but first thought we should get some lunch and provisions so after feeding the crew and walking Frankie we set off in the car again to Vera playa and found a lovely Italian eatery and enjoyed a lovely meal.  The waitress was charming and so we tipped her well which came into good use later when I needed to use the loo. She was only too happy to allow me back in to use her facilities.  

Next was the Consumer supermarket which I was very excited about it but discovered it wasn’t as good as some of the others we had been in before. It served our needs though and the trolleys took alternative payments of 1 euro, 2 euros or 5 cents which is good. Especially if you only have a small amount of change.  

The last stop was a Chines bizarre a little like a ‘Rainbow Store’ where we purchased some enormous wine glasses like those we had in ‘B’ and a huge quilt although there wasn’t a cover to go with it so we have had to use a sheet so far. Not sure what kingsize is in Spanish and the chappy in the shop was not an English speaker.  

Back home we bathed, chilled out and cooked some food which was tasty dish sean concocted. I think he is going to be good at this whole chefing lark.    It was washed down with a bottle of red wine costing 1.10 euros which was extremely satisfying. 

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