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24th March 2019 continued

First Destination Poitiers, France

Hotel Kyriad

I am now awake after a wonderful night’s sleep at our first destination in Poitiers. The mattress in this simple dwelling is amazing and large enough to accommodate all of the 4 extra stowaways we brought with us. They have certainly thought about the pet-friendly aspect as there was vinyl instead of carpet on the floor which meant any little accidents could be cleaned up quickly. Luckily so far there haven’t been any little presents to wake up to as the cats have found the cat litter quite ample enough for their needs. The room is small though and it took a while to find homes for all the luggage let alone space for us but we managed and after getting the animals settled we went in search of a much-needed drink.  

I ordered very badly ( as I was mixing my french with my Spanish ) a glass of white wine and Sean a beer which took almost 15 minutes to arrive. We thought the receptionist had either gone to another hotel or gone home! I went in search of her only to see her come out of the kitchen and say sorry then pick up her phone and return back to the kitchen. If my French had been better I would have offered to open a bottle myself. Very odd. Anyways she soon arrived and we downed the drinks in beautiful sunshine watching the world go by then went back to see what damage the cats may have left. Luckily not much except Parker seems to have found the feral in him and is constantly spatting at everyone else. I was worried at one point that this may be a constant all night and wake the hotel up but then I heard a baby crying a couple of doors down so I didn’t feel so bad.  

On the whole, the hotel attends to all our needs except it was a Sunday arrival and when we enquired about food later we discovered the restaurant to be closed at the weekends. So the only option was to drive ( much to Sean’s pleasure ) to a few joints downtown or have a Chinese across the road with a 10% discount. I was really looking forward to a nice juicy steak and fries but with little option had a Kentucky chicken. It was tasty and filled our needs as we were so tired and around 7.00 I was out like a light. It is now 4.00 am and Parker and Sam are having cuddles. Poppet is still sound asleep as is Frankie who is in between us snoring quietly with his head on the pillow. (This really is a big bed). Sean is also purring gently and all is calm. We will be going to breakfast at 6.30 and then back on the road for another 7 hours to Carinena le vino hotel. Let’s hope they know how to serve a good wine!! .  

25th March 2019

Back On The Road Next Destination Spain!!

We got off to a wonderful start with full bellies after a tasty continental brekkie at the hotel but after getting back on the road had to go  back to the hotel room because we were unable to find our toll ticket.

We searched the litter bin which was delightfully full of last night’s dinner, cat food cartons and various indescribable’s only to realise there was no toll ticket as it had been used to get off the toll road the night before.  DUH!! 

Once we spent nearly 30 minutes searching google for options if you lose tickets etc we got on our way and although the morning began fresh and crisp indeed the temperature soon rose to a comfortable 16 degrees.

Overall experience ratings of hotel Kyriad in Poitiers

Bed and night’s sleep 10/10 Amazing mattress and pillows just what we needed.

Bar service 4/10  If we had been drunk on the first glass of wine we would have undoubtedly been sober by the second as the service was so slow. Not a great place to have a piss up in a brewery.

Room tea/coffee facilities 1/10 only two plastic cups provided with one coffee sachet, one English tea bag and one fruit, no milk or stirrers. Very weird and not to my liking as like a quick cuppa in the room before brekkie.

Services 5/10 food available in the restaurant at the weekends

Staff 8/10 Very friendly but a bit slow

So today was the day we crossed the border and I must say we are all so concerned about terrorism and immigrants coming in but its not a surprise if there is no one to check anything. There we were with passports in hand, checking we had cleared the car of weapons and drugs and there wasn’t a soul to greet us.   The crossing on the euro tunnel was pretty lapse too. All they asked was have we any knives, we said no and they just accepted that. Good job we didn’t tell them about the many we had stashed away in the pet carriers and as for the pets we could have been carrying an iguana or alligator in the cages for all they knew as they were not even interested in the pet passports!!.

So we crossed the border and the roads seemed instantly different much bumpier and the tolls were a lot less obviously not spending as much on the upkeep as the French. This was quite apparent as we tested out the rest stops too. In France we had choices of patisseries, special salads and tasty baguettes in spain the sandwich offerings that were, had been made from cheap white bread filled with thin slices of ham and cheese with a very pungent flavoured tomato sauce. Sean’s distaste was evident as he didn’t even swallow the first bite. and I had high hopes for spain. So I would suggest anyone travelling through Europe should only go to the toilet and eat whilst in France and cross your legs through spain.
As we got closer to The next hotel the terrain changed remarkably and I soon felt I was in an episode of Bonanza or the High Chaparral as the terrain became more sandy and dry. Sean also began to put on an odd Spanish accent which was odd but accepted for now as his whole persona had calmed after leaving England. It was really as though he had let go completely. Mr Grumpy had now become, mister happy chappy more patient and fun to be around. Maybe the wind changed as we crossed the ocean. Anyway what ever it was it show miracles can happen. Hee hee.

We arrived at the Hotel del vino around 5 ish and were very pleased to discover it was full of wine . The staff were lovely and when we asked for a wine were served promptly so definitely better than the last place. The weather was really warm by now so was in a t shirt officially. Im not sure what any other road users may have thought as our winter clothes went flying out of the windows. Hopefully we didn’t cause too many accidents.
The room in the hotel at first looked amazing, so much bigger which suited the animals better and there was a massage chair and whirl pool in the bath. The bed was huge too so plenty of room for all of us to snuggle in. The restaurant was open from 8.00pm and so we got settled and then enjoyed a browse through the wine shop and an aperitif before dinner. We bought a couple of bottles of red, one bottle a two litre special reserve and an enormous jar of honey.
The meal that night was superb and once replenished we settled down for a nights sleep and a go on the bath and chair.
Well the chair didn’t work nor the bath but we had a bath which was a luxury, not because we don’t wash but because we have only had a shower for so long

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