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Psychic Expat In Spain

24th March 2019 

The Journey Begins

Awake at 2.00am we began our journey with a bright moon shining the way. All the animals stowed away in their carriers and a car that was laden with stuff we arrived at the terminal just in time to enjoy the Flexi plus lounge with its numerous types of coffee. Sean was in his element as he poured extra syrup and toppings into his polystyrene cup whilst I enjoyed the ladies’ facilities before boarding. We were first onto the train which was amazingly smooth and when we showed our passports there was little interest in the ones belonging to the animals or what was even in the car.  Mind you they probably took one look at it and thought ‘No way am I going in there!’ We were politely asked if we had any knives and when we said ‘no’ cleared us to board. A far cry from the big ‘Barcelona’ experience at customs. We could have been anyone really.  Maybe it was just too early in the morning for unsavory characters to travel?  Or maybe this is exactly how they do get across the borders?

The train was very odd and like being encapsulated in a very big metal box. I started to feel a bit claustrophobic but luckily it disappeared and so quickly we were driving onto French turf. Which looked just like Folkestone actually. If I hadn’t heard anyone speaking french I would have thought I was still in the UK.

The journey was really easy and the roads were clear all the way except for going through Rouen which caused Sean a little stress down to the fact there was more than one car on the road and he was driving on the right. 

We stopped a few times and once at a lovely petrol station which had a tasty patisserie counter. Yummy cakes were purchased plus a few other treats. Everyone seems very friendly and I even got a Bonjour’  as I passed someone in the toilet which is unheard of in England. Everyone is either queuing up crossing their legs struggling to hold on or just wanting to do their business and be out.  So, all in all, I would rate Rest stops’ a good 9 out of 10 and if they had had people dressed in costume and the buildings painted pink it would have been an easy 10. 

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